1965 Corvette Stingray COMPLETED!

Land Cruiser Restored and Ready for the Trails!

1965 Land Cruiser Restoration




This 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ Series arrived to Timeless Rides and Rods filled with needed parts piled high in the back.   

The entire vehicle body (interior and exterior) was stripped down. The original tub body was replaced due to severe rust damage and the replacement tub needed minor dent repair.

The fiberglass top was repaired. The interior seats needed spring repairs and totally new upholstery was installed over the original seat frames. A new headliner was installed and all the original glass was re-installed with new rubber seals.
The frame and underside of the entire body was prepped and sprayed with a rubberized undercoating.

New gauges were installed in the dash along with new electrical wiring put in place. 

All the body parts were painted closely matching original colors and re-installed with rims being powder coated.  Finishing off the beautiful vehicle were all new tires, shocks and springs.
Upon completion, the customer received a beautiful, completed Cruiser ready for road or trail.

Cutlass- BEFORE and AFTER!

1967 Mustang Convertible is completed!

1967 Mustang Convertible

1967 Mustang Convertible2


1944 Ford Dump Truck full restoration

This 1944 Ford Dump Truck found in a farmers field beaten by years of weather, including large hail damage, that left the vehicle in sad shape prior to arriving at Timeless Rides and Rods.


The customer wanted the vehicle given a complete restoration as well as adding a custom dump bed that was made as a replica to the type of mining dump truck beds this company manufactures. The goal? The company wanted a vehicle they could use in parades as well as for a display in tradeshows. But this truck was in need of some serious care before that could happen! The customer wanted the vehicle given a complete restoration as well as adding a custom dump bed that was made as a replica to the type of mining dump truck beds this company manufactures. 


The existing engine, a flathead 8BA, was rusted and damaged beyond repair so a replacement of the same type engine was purchased. That newly purchased engine was cleaned and painted as well as installing a 4” crank was installed to boost horsepower. Also installed 12 volt alternator system to replace the 6 volt generator system. The engine received two-tone blue and black paint to mimic the body exterior colors.

Existing 4 speed transmission was torn down and found to be in excellent condition internally so was reinstalled following cleaning and painting it. Engine and transmission were installed into the newly painted engine compartment. All the electrical wiring was replaced.
The body was in rough condition but solid with surface rust only so many hours were spent hammering out dents and various other body damages, keeping all original parts in place.
After priming and painting, all the body panels were re-installed and work began on the interior. All glass was replaced due to pre-existing damage to the original glass.
Arriving with the interior tattered, torn and upholstery unusable, all was replaced. The bench seat springs were repaired and the seat given new upholstery. The headliner and kick panels were replaced with materials resembling the original style. The dash cluster pieces were cleaned, painted and re-wired to accept the new 12 volt system.
                                               Before                                                                                                                    AFTER!
The truck was then ready for its first test drive after receiving its new, original style tires which were mounted on sandblasted, repainted original rims.  The truck was delivered to the client so that the new dump bed could be installed but not before taking the truck for a drive and testing out the new “Aa-hoo-gah” horn!

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